Saturday, May 29, 2004

LINUX: DotGNU Portable.NET 0.6.6 released

[DotGNU]Portable.NET 0.6.6 released: "Portable.NET 0.6.6 has been released: Web Page: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/portable_net.html Download: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/download/pnet-0.6"

Portable.NET 0.6.6 has been released:

Web Page: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/portable_net.html
Download: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/download/pnet-0.6.6.tar.gz
Library: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/download/pnetlib-0.6.6.tar.gz
pnetC: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/download/pnetC-0.6.6.tar.gz
ml-pnet: http://www.southern-storm.com.au/download/ml-pnet-0.6.6.tar.gz

This release marks a big milestone for DotGNU. It is the first release
where the bulk of the work was done by contributors other than myself,
as I was on sabbatical writing libjit for most of the time.

Fantastic work guys! Major strides have been made in threading, Winforms=
System.Xml, ml-pnet, DCOP, serialization, and many, many, other places.
The NEWS files below list everyone's name (hopefully I didn't forget
anyone). Keep up the good work!

I am going to ease back into pnet development over the next month,
particularly on ilrun issues leading up to the libjit integration.
But don't let this stop you: there is still plenty of work to be done
all across Portable.NET.

NEWS entries and signed MD5 checksums for the above files are appended
to this message.



Portable.NET 0.6.6 (29 May 2004)

Runtime engine:

* GetManifestResourceNames internalcall (Russell Stuart).
* Add the --trace option to ilrun (Gopal V).
* Fix some I4/I/M/T cases in the verifier (Rhys Weatherley, Gopal V).
* Fix to Directory.GetFiles internalcall (Russell Stuart).
* Many fixes and speedups to the monitor implementation (Thong Nguyen).
* Remap some gtk# dll references (Ilyak Kasnacheev).
* Automatically load assemblies during "GetType" (Gopal V).
* Handling for interruptes and aborts (Thong Nguyen).
* Verification of indirect method calls (Gopal V).
* Resolve classes properly before layout (Gopal V).
* Support for Interlocked* functions (Thong Nguyen).
* Looser association of real threads with engine threads, to make
it easier to move to app domains in the future (Thong Nguyen).
* Asynchronous delegates (Thong Nguyen).
* Better shutdown logic for multi-threaded programs (Thong Nguyen).
* ILExecThreadBoxNoValue (Thong Nguyen).
* Dynamic invocation of methods with out/ref parameters (Thong Nguyen).
* Include inherited interfaces in return from "GetInterfaces" (Gopal V).
* Entry points must be in .exe's, not .dll's (Gopal V).
* Problems in OutputExceptionTable with nested try/catch (Rhys W).
* Fixes to make ilrun compile with gcc 3.4.0 (Norbert Bellow).
* Implement Thread.Abort (Thong Nguyen).
* Use interlocked increments for profile counts (Thong Nguyen).

C# Compiler:

* Stack underflow problem in codegen for "switch" (Rhys Weatherley).
* Problem with 8-bit characters in pre-processor lines (Rhys Weatherley).
* "/recurse" option for compiler compat mode (Gopal V).
* Fix semantic analysis for identifers and member accesses (Gopal V).
* Resolve aliases for fully qualified namespaces (Gopal V).
* "goto case" should emit a leave inside a "try" (Russell Stuart).
* Bug with ';' in #endregion directives (Russell Stuart).
* Handle "protected internal" across assemblies (Richard Baumann).
* Disambiguate static members and types with the same name (Gopal V).

C Compiler:

* Add dependency options to the pre-processor (-M, -MD, etc) (Rhys W).
* Fixes for bit field accesses (Rhys Weatherley).
* Complex structure initializers (Rhys Weatherley).
* Array access on managed arrays (Gopal V).


* Strong alias linking for vararg methods (Rhys Weatherley).


* Comma-separated lists of target dependencies (Russell Stuart).
* Directory deletion and copying (Russell Stuart).

Platform Support:

* Win32-specific filename expansion (Rhys Weatherley).
* Disable zlib under mingw32 because of dependency issues (Rhys W).
* Fixes for Win32 file operations (Thong Nguyen).
* Integrate libgc version 6.3alpha6 (Thong Nguyen).
* Overflow bugs in time routines (Thong Nguyen).
* ILGetSinceRebootTime for Windows (Thong Nguyen).

pnetlib 0.6.6 (29 May 2004)

System.Windows.Forms & System.Drawing:

* HelpProvider, TabPageCollection (Russell Stuart).
* Button.PerformClick should only work when button is enabled and
visible (Jens Kuehner).
* Allow multiple texture brushes to use the same image (Gopal V).
* Generate image masks from alpha information (Gopal V).
* Null reference exception in MessageBox (Gopal V).
* UpDown controls (Klaus Treichel).
* Ignore KeyPress events in TextBox that are already handled (Gopal V).
* Process application KeyPress's before local (Heiko Weiss).
* Fixes to MainMenu, SystemIcons, CheckListBox (Gopal V).
* Bug in empty TreeView's (leppie).
* Performance improvements to MainMenu, Control, ContextMenu (Richard B).
* Double-click bug in TextBox (David Logan).
* Deserialization of images (Gopal V).
* Double buffering of TabControl (Thong Nguyen).
* Fixes to ScrollableControl (Gopal V).
* ColumnHeader, ListBindingConverter, ImageIndexConverter (Klaus Treichel=


* Properly fall back to DISPLAY when displayName null (Ilyak Kasnacheev).
* Improve ICE and DCOP to the point of being useful (Ilyak Kasnacheev).
* Recognize transparent "ParentRelative" backgrounds (Rhys Weatherley).
* Detect MDI top-level windows properly (David Logan, Gopal V).


* Fix parsing of empty elements (Richard Baumann).
* Various fixes for ml-pnet (Klaus Treichel, Gopal V).
* Fixes to element list enumeration (Gopal V).
* Attribute handling in XmlDocument (Richard Baumann).
* Whitespace and namespace handling (Richard Baumann).
* Proper name table usage in NameCache (Richard Baumann).
* Lots of small fixes and TODO's (Richard Baumann).
* Implement XmlSerialization classes (Richard Baumann).
* Fixes for compatibility with ml-pnet (Klaus Treichel).
* XmlDocument.Save (Andres March).
* Change default namespace URL to expected value (Gopal V).
* Processing instructions (Richard Baumann).


* Binary serialization for decimal, array, string, null (Andre Seidelt).
* Implement binary de-serialization (Andre Seidelt).
* Fix incompatibilities between systems (Andre Seidelt).
* Serialization of keys and array elements (Andre Seidelt).
* Handle ISerializable types properly (Andre Seidelt).


* Array accesses in JScript (Carl-Adam Brengesjo).
* Argument passing fixes (Carl-Adam Brengesjo).
* Parse problems with ++ and -- (Gopal V).
* --help and --version for jsrun command (Carl-Adam Brengesjo).
* Use ScriptStream for output where required (Carl-Adam Brengesjo).


* Sign extension bug in IPv4 addresses (Russell Stuart).
* TcpClient fix (Gopal V).
* Stub out cookie and certificate handling in HTTP classes (Gopal V).
* SSL tunnelling for HTTP proxies (Gopal V).
* Fix parsing of IPv6 hex addresses (Gopal V).


* Internalcall fixes and tests for pnet threading changes (Thong Nguyen).
* Rewrote the Threading.Timer class (Russell Stuart).
* Asynchonrous delegates (Thong Nguyen).
* Minor typo that prevented LocalDataStoreSlot from working (Gopal V).


* Improvements to "csupport" for pnetC (Rhys Weatherley).
* Bug in TimeSpan (Gopal V).
* Fix stream length and buffering in StreamReader/XmlStreamReader (Gopal =
* Hex number parsing (Russell Stuart).
* Fixes to file routines to make them more ECMA compliant (Russell Stuart=
* Interfaces should be assignable to System.Object (Russell Stuart).
* Fixes to Hashtable for removed entries (Russell Stuart).
* Partial names in Assembly.LoadFrom (Gopal V).
* CodeCompiler/ShellExecute bug with redirected stderr (Gopal V).
* Only use response files in CodeCompile with long cmdlines (Gopal V).
* Small patch to Security Element (Carl-Adam Brengesjo).
* Change "test -e" to "test -f" for Solaris compat (Sebastien BOCQ).
* Patches to generic classes (Richard Baumann).
* Test cases for System.Reflection.Emit (Jonas Printzen).
* ClrConstructor.InvokeOnEmpty for post-allocation construction (Gopal V)=
* Bugs in "machine.default" file (Gopal V).
* "default1.1" profile to build 1.1 and install as default (Rhys W).
* Parse fixes to System.Configuration handlers (Gopal V).
* Use non-null evidence in AppDomain.CreateInstance (Gopal V).
* Handle "file://" URL's in Assembly.LoadFrom (Gopal V).

pnetC 0.6.6 (29 May 2004)

* Use dependency tracking in Makefile's because cscc supports it.
* Make word sizes dynamic, and remove __WORDSIZE.
* Implement "fcntl".
* Implement the basic infrastructure for socket and netdb functions.
* Import inet* routines from glibc.
* Mismatched definitions for __pt_thread_run and __syscall_seek (Gopal V)=

ml-pnet 0.6.6 (29 May 2004)

* Mono.Security and System.Data libs that depend on it (Klaus Treichel).
* Import jay and use it to help build System.Data (Gopal V).
* System.Web, System.Web.Services (Gopal V).

Hash: SHA1

f60bafdb7449af2d99b1dcd91e16cea2 ml-pnet-0.6.6.tar.gz
ba078c058cb98b26eb9e9d43d2160160 pnet-0.6.6.tar.gz
dcaba33357dc559caee9e7f82f89dd8b pnetC-0.6.6.tar.gz
5a046380a24632109016bd8cf9fdf535 pnetbin-0.6.6.tar.gz
b2cb4c5ea3847dbbc985f280443b9a23 pnetlib-0.6.6.tar.gz
Version: GnuPG v1.0.7 (GNU/Linux)



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