Saturday, June 26, 2004

/. : 429,000 Do-Not-Call Complaints

Slashdot | 429,000 Do-Not-Call Complaints: "Posted by michael on Friday June 25, @12:12PM
from the check-the-number-and-dial-again dept.
The Ghetto Imp writes 'Is the do-not-call list working for you? According to CNN Money, there have been over 429,000 complaints filed with the FTC over do-not-call violations. The list is incredibly popular, with apparently some 62 million numbers registered. Apparently the worst offenders are the Credit Foundation of America, and our friends at AT&T. In an era where companies use computers to spam pre-recorded messages through our phone lines, does the FTC have the teeth to make unsolicited calls a thing of the past? At $11,000 per violation, let's hope so!'"


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