Wednesday, June 30, 2004

/. : Affinity Engines Says Google Stole Orkut Code

Slashdot | Affinity Engines Says Google Stole Orkut Code

Posted by timothy on Wednesday June 30, @02:33PM
from the your-head-please dept.
GillBates0 writes "Wired's reporting that a social networking software company called Affinity Engines has filed a lawsuit against Google, claiming that much of the source code behind Orkut, the search engine's popular social service, was stolen by former engineer Orkut Buyukkokten. They claim that he illegally took the code the he had written for the company -- which he co-founded -- with him when he joined Google and that Buyukkokten promised Affinity Engines that he wouldn't develop a competing social network service for Google. '"In its initial investigation, AEI uncovered a total of nine unique software bugs ... in AEI's inCircle product that were also present in Orkut.com," according to the lawsuit.'"


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