Monday, June 21, 2004

M$: Is Hotmail Blocking Gmail Invitations?

Is Hotmail Blocking Gmail Invitations?

This could just be an isolated incident, but last night I got my first Gmail invites, so I sent one to my girlfriend's Hotmail account and it bounced. So not only may Hotmail be blocking the Gmail invitations (which, honestly, I doubt, but it's just shady enough to question it), but I wasted an invitation that I won't get back. Anyone else had this problem?

Update: Thanks to everyone telling me to check the Sent folder. I can at least retrieve the invites now.

Update update: This is interesting comment, too, from reader Alex Nobert:"Orkut had the same problems with invites going out to Hotmail. Orkut responded that they had to work out an arrangement with Hotmail. About
a month later several old invites arrived at Hotmail addresses. I
suspect it has to do with an unknown source domain generating too many
emails to Hotmail accounts in a short span and being picked up by
Hotmail spam filters."

And rumor has it, Yahoo sends the Gmail invite directly into the spam filters. Okay, enough Gmail. It bores me!

Update update: You know, this is really getting blown out of proportion. I sent a few invites to Hotmail; they were bounced. I asked if anyone else had the same problems, a few people had, but most people said they could send to Hotmail just fine. The big story? There isn't one, as far as I can tell. If Hotmail is blocking Gmail invites, they aren't doing it on a widespread basis.


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