Saturday, June 26, 2004

M$: More on Whidbey

Neowin.net - More on Whidbey: "Posted by Tom Graham on 25 Jun 2004 - 16:23 | 19 comments Forums

Following up on this story, we've got hold of a bit more information as to Microsoft's plans with the next version of Visual Studio, code named Whidbey.

Microsoft will be launching Beta 1 of the product at Tech-Ed Europe on June 29, 2004. This will be avialable for MSDN subscribers shortly after announcement, and current testers will be sent CDs (target - Mid-July).

At TechEd, an event which Neowin will be covering this year, Microsoft will also announce an new addition to the Visual Studio 2005 family : the 'Express' products. The Express products 'are lightweight, easy to use, easy to learn tools for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students who want to build dynamic Windows applications and Web sites'. The Express products are a cut-down / reduced version of the normal product. The package will include 'express versions' of Visual Web Developer 2005, VB 2005, Visual C# 2005, and SQL Server 2005. Exactly how feature cut down they will be in comparison to the non-express versions is unknown."


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