Wednesday, July 14, 2004

LINUX: Novell O'Reilly Linux Desktop Contest

Gmail - [vox] Novell O'Reilly Linux Desktop Contest

Copied from O'Reilly newsletter
Dear Reader,

Most of us know by now that Linux is a dependable workhorse behind the
firewall. But these days we're hearing more about companies using this
open source platform on the desktop too.

We thought it would be a great idea to collect some of these success
stories and publish them for others to learn from as they contemplate
bringing Linux out into the light of fluorescent tubes and crowded

To facilitate that process, Novell and O'Reilly are announcing
The Great Linux Desktop Migration Contest. We're looking for
entries in three categories:

- Greatest Benefits Realized from Migration
- Best Migration Plan
- Most Practical Migration Tips

There are some terrific prizes including a trip to Barcelona,
Spain to attend Novell BrainShare Europe 2004. But you have
to write up your experience soon because the deadline is
August 9, 2004. Read all about it today at the official
contest web site:



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