Saturday, July 10, 2004

OT: Firefox 1.0 Release Plan

1.0 Release Plan - MozillaZine Forums

I have updated the Firefox 1.0 roadmap with details about our release schedule. To summarize:

- Firefox 1.0 release date targeted at 9/14
- 1.0+ Bug list broken down into two sections: Those with high complexity/risk and localization impact, and those with less risk and no/low localization impact.
- Bugs in the former category targeted to be fixed by 8/10 for Firefox 1.0 RC1
- Bugs in the latter category targeted for 1.0RC2 (8/31)

There is a new bugzilla nomination flag - blocking-aviary1.0RC1. We are now going to be fairly tight fisted about approvals here since we prefer to hit our target dates than become sidetracked. We would like to keep the bug list as similar in length to or shorter than what it is now. Basically we are trying to maintain feasibility. This may mean that your pet bug may be minused. This is an unfortunate consequence of project management, but if you can produce a patch and make a case for your fix, it may be allowed in.

Also note that a class of fixes may be approved for RC1 but not for RC2, etc - we want to have a localization freeze at some point between RC1 and RC2 so are targeting RC1 as preliminary localization freeze, also we may be willing to take some bugs now, further from the 1.0 date that are riskier, but we may be less interested in taking them closer to the release date.

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