Tuesday, July 13, 2004

OT: p0f 2.0.4 is out

Gmail - [security] [tool] p0f 2.0.4 is out

I am proud to announce the availability of p0f 2.0.4, a passive OS
fingerprinter (and more). Since 2.0.1 (announced here over a year
ago), p0f has gained features such as:

- RST+ACK (connection refused) fingerprinting,
- Official SYN+ACK (outgoing connection) fingerprinting support,
- Sophisticated masquerade / IP sharing detection algorithms,
- TCP/IP stack bug dissector and fingerprinting support,
- External query API for easier service integration,
- Rudimentary fuzzy matching,
- Cool supplementary utilities and ports,
- Numerous bugfixes and functionality enhancements,
- Plenty of new signatures.

P0f is extremely useful in various security-related applications,
including but not limited to traffic analysis, IDS, forensics, policy
enforcement, pen-testing, low-profile network reconnaissance.

More information, links to related or derived projects, and last but not
least, source downloads, can be all found at:

=> http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx/p0f.shtml <=

If you wish to stay up-to-date, you are welcome to subscribe to p0f
project at http://www.freshmeat.net/projects/p0f/.

------------------------- bash$ :(){ :|:&};: --
Michal Zalewski * [http://lcamtuf.coredump.cx]
Did you know that clones never use mirrors?
--------------------------- 2004-07-10 22:26 --


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