Saturday, July 10, 2004

OT RealPlayer released under GPL

Technocrat.net | RealPlayer released under GPL

posted by Technocrat on Sunday June 27, @10:20PM

The NY times broke this story embargoed for Monday at 8 PM Sunday night, but didn't give important details. See this story (registration required). So, before everyone gets confused: Several Linux distributions will now pick up RealPlayer because it is being released under the GPL. Real previously had their own Open Source license, but nobody wants to deal with yet another license. Most codecs are not going under GPL becuase Real does not own them, or doesn't own the technology (and has to license it). It is not clear to me at this time that the distributions picking this up will carry the non-free codecs, but most likely the software will download them on request. The "Ogg" free codecs for audio and video are definitely in there.

I think this has synergies for embedded devices such as cell phone handsets because of the tiny browser recently done by the Mozilla project with funding from Nokia.



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