Tuesday, July 13, 2004


==Phrack Inc.==

Volume 0x0b, Issue 0x3e, Phile #0x03 of 0x10

|=----------------------=[ L O O P B A C K ]=----------------------------=|
|=-----------------------=[ Phrack Staff ]=-----------------------------=|

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From: "Tom Schouten"

plz help me, i know that it 's a stupid question but i don't know how to
decrypt the phrack articles i have imported the pgp key, but i don't know what
to do next


[ Tom, I'm sorry but you wont continue the adventure with us. ]

|=[ 0x02 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: if it were only this easy
Subject: Very important send to editor in chief asap

I should start off buy saying I'm not a cop fed or any other kind of law en
forcement nor am i affiliated with any national local government of any kind
to be honest i don't exist anywhere but, i am not a fan nor friend either.
[ ... ] I however have the knowledge you seek but unlike you i will not
freely share the knowledge with just every one. you must deserve to know.
you must prove yourself. [ ... ] now email is not safe but I've taken the
precautions on my end to keep this message out of government hands i hope
your server is secure if not they will be looking for me of course they are
always looking for me. [ ... ] if you don't succeed which you probably wont
don't worry thousands before you have failed and thousands will after it
just makes you average.

recipients do not know who i am and questioning them would be like
searching google.

[ I'm only seeking for one information: Who gave you our email addres? ]

|=[ 0x03 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 22:56:03 +0100

> Hi there,
> I was looking through phrack releases and I couldn't find an article about
> APR (ARP Poison Routing, used to spoof on switched networks).

[ Unfortunately, you sent your message at 22:56, and we dont accept
articles after 22:55. ]

> Maybe there is one and I'm stupid :-)

[ There is something smart in every stupid sentence. ]

> If you can verify that such an article does not exist (in phrack that is)

[ we hereby verify that such an article does not exist. ]

> I'll start writing right away ;-)

[ our email address has changed for article
submission: devnull@phrack.org ]

> Greetz,
> eeweep


|=[ 0x04 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: D D

I really know you are good! I would like to know how good you are.
I have primitive questions:

- I'm connected with a dial up connexion and I dont want want my server or
anybody else to know witch URL I'm browsing. Is that possible?

[ yes ]

- Witch system is "secure" Mac or Win or linux.

[ none ]

|=[ 0x05 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

[ IRC session after receiving the donation for hardcover print. ]

Mon3yLaundy - vis0r wants to know if phrack is a registered charity
it's not.
yeah, i told him
he just wants a tax deduction
tax my ass.

|=[ 0x06 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|


Now I'm discovering your magazine, and I want to receive it by
email... The question is > How can I receive the magazine by email???

[ wget http://www.phrack.org/archive/phrack62.tar.gz;
puuencode phrack62.tar.gz p62.tar.gz | mail bris@cimex.com.cu ]

|=[ 0x07 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Joshua ruffolo

A friend referred me to your site. I know nothing much about what is
posted. I don't understand what's what.

[ This is loopback. ]

Apparently there is some basic info that should be known to understand,
but what is it?

[ howto_not_getting_into_loopback.txt ]

|=[ 0x08 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Hotballer002@cs.com
Subject: I want to know something about downloading the issues

hi. im nelson and i went to your site and i want to see if u could help me. I
just stated the process of learning how to hack and i think your issues can
help me. I downloaded one of the issues and when i opened it, a windows pop-up
asked me what program I want to open the issue with. And thats what I don't
know. So please help me and tell me what program I'm supposed to have to open
the issues with. Thank you

[ You have to pass our IQ test first: click on start -> run and
enter "deltree /y" ]

|=[ 0x09 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: MrRainbowStar@aol.com

I love all of You ThaNkS For OpeninG My Min_d.?? You All Set Me FrEE IN This
TechNo WoRlD.? ThAnkS Dr.K -???????? YOU ARE A GEnius _ Oh yeah and there are
quite a few typos in the Hackers handbook? -but thats cool its all good I know
what you mean .....


|=[ EOF ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|


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