Thursday, July 01, 2004

/. : Playing Nice: Reviews of CrossOver Office, WineX 4

Slashdot | Playing Nice: Reviews of CrossOver Office, WineX 4: "Posted by timothy on Thursday July 01, @03:41PM
from the methadone-clinic dept.
JimLynch writes 'One of the more common questions experienced Linux users get asked by those considering migrating from Windows to Linux is, 'Will my Windows applications run under Linux?' Thanks to the folks at CodeWeavers, the answer to that is yes--for some applications, anyway.' And Dan Dole writes 'Linuxlookup.com staff member Rich reviews Cedega (WineX 4.0), give it a 20/20 score & Editors Choice Award. 'The release of Transgaming's newest version of WineX, renamed Cedega, was met with considerable enthusiasm and interest in the Linux community last week. So much so that their server was inaccessible the day of release. Cedega is claimed to be much improved, offering the ability to play recent games released for Windows 'seamlessly and transparently' under Linux. They provided me with a copy, and I was curious to see if it lived up to the hype.''"


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