Thursday, July 01, 2004

PROG: Faster Math Functions

SCEA Research and Development

Title: (105) Faster Math Functions
Speakers: Robin Green
Time/Date: Tuesday (March 4, 2003) 10:00 am — 6:00 pm
Track: Programming
Format: Full-Day Tutorial
Level: Advanced

Description: We use math functions like acos() and tan() all the time, but how efficiently are they implemented? How can we trade off accuracy for speed? This lecture explains how to efficiently implement the transcendental functions on modern videogame hardware and the tradeoffs you can make. We cover common floating point "gotchas", range reduction, polynomial approximation, table and semi-table based techniques and ways to leverage SIMD. Attendees leave with a toolbox of techniques for rolling their own function optimized for speed, accuracy or storage. Other topics addressed include: When can software outperform dedicated hardware? What is the smallest possable sine table? The fastest way to generate sine and cosine at the same time and how to abuse floating point values without involving integer registers.

Idea Takeaway: Takeaway code samples and the proofs that lie behind them. Discover the worlds fastest sine and cosine generator, new uses for Mathematica and Maple in game design, and tricks of the math masters.

Intended Audience and Prerequisites: This tutorial benefits library coders, console hackers, handheld jockeys and math junkies on all platforms who are looking for hardcore information and that 10% edge over the competition.

Download Presentation Parts One and Two (PDF files)


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